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Fortis Rebates

New Install and Upgrade Rebates

The double rebates promotion is now over. If you requested a pre-qualification code between October 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 you have until March 31, 2021 to replace your old natural gas furnace or boiler with an eligible ENERGY STAR® model, to qualify for a rebate up to $3,400 on a furnace, or a $3,000 rebate on a boiler.


Current Residential Rebates from Fortis BC

  • Natural Boiler and Gas Furnace – Income Tested Rebates (up to $3000.)

  • Natural Boiler and Gas Furnace Rebate (up to $1000.+ a possible $150 for smart thermostat)

  • Natural Gas Boiler and Combination Heating and Hot Water System (up to $1500.)

  • Heat Pump Loan (up to $6500.)

  • Heat Pump Upgrade Rebate (up to $2000.)

  • Heat Pump Water Heater Rebate (up to $1000.)

  • Natural Gas Water Heater – Rebate Income Tested (up to $2,500.)

  • Natural Gas Water Heater – Rebate ($200-$1000.)

  • Convert to Gas – Rebates (up to $3700.)



Don’t forget to check out Rebates for your Business to at


BC Hydro Rebates

  • Upgrade your existing electric heating system to an Electric Heat Pump (up to $2000.)  

  • Upgrade to an electric heat pump water heater. (up to $1000.)



  • Check out CleanBC to see what other Rebates maybe available for your next project

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