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Reliable Service and Repairs for Furnaces in the Kamloops Area

It’s never a good time for a furnace to quit working, so Halliday Refrigeration Ltd. offers 24-hour emergency furnace repairs for residential and commercial customers. If you’re looking to buy, install, or repair your furnaces in Kamloops, give us a call! We provide reliable furnace service in the Kamloops area. We are an authorized dealer of Trane heating products. 


Never Be Left in the Cold – Schedule Regular Furnace Maintenance & Repairs

Most heating experts agree that 75% of “no-heat” service calls could be prevented if an annual maintenance program had been followed. This will ensure your investment and warranty remain intact. During the maintenance call, we will check:

  • Safety controls
  • Thermostat levels
  • Voltage readings
  • Condensate drain obstructions
  • Filter
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) leaks
  • ...And other items

Call to schedule an appointment today!


Benefits of Trane High-Efficiency Furnace

High-efficiency furnaces are reliable, energy-efficient and designed to last longer. Whether it’s a variable-speed, single or two-stage heating furnace, Halliday Refrigeration Ltd. covers you. And, when you work with our team, you have the added benefit of working with Trane®-authorized installers. With Trane® furnaces reaching 97.3% AFUE, there’s never been a better time to consider replacing your aging furnace with a new Trane® high-efficiency furnace. 


FortisBC™ is now offering rebates on high-efficiency natural gas furnace replacement.

Quick Tips on How to Maintain a Furnace

Below are some key tips to keep your furnace in optimal working condition:

  • Change your air filter
    Regularly changing your furnace air filter can significantly enhance its efficiency. High-quality filters are especially beneficial for homes with pets or areas with dust and pollen.

  • Listen for unusual sounds
    Pay attention to any unusual noises coming from your furnace. These sounds often indicate potential issues, such as problems with the blower motor or combustion, that require immediate professional attention.

  • Keep vents clean
    A simple yet effective tip is to keep your air vents clean. You can do this by removing the vent covers and vacuuming inside annually. For a more thorough cleaning, consider professional duct cleaning every few years.

  • Test carbon monoxide detectors
    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a silent but potentially deadly gas. If you have a gas furnace, regularly check your home's carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they are functional. Replace the batteries at least every six months and ensure the detectors are on every floor near the bedrooms for maximum safety.

  • Schedule regular checkups
    Last but not least, consider scheduling
    regular professional checkups for your furnace. A twice-yearly inspection by a qualified technician can catch minor issues before they become significant problems, ensuring your furnace runs efficiently year-round.


By adhering to these essential maintenance tips, you can ensure your furnace's efficient and safe operation. If you have any questions or need further assistance with the maintenance of furnaces in Kamloops, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Furnace

While dealing with a malfunctioning furnace, the immediate reaction may be to consider replacement. Watch for these signs to gauge if it's time for a replacement:

  • Furnace age exceeds 15 years
    While a furnace won't abruptly fail at the 15-year mark, experience shows that around this age, issues begin to multiply. Therefore, it's wise to begin researching new furnace options around the 15-year mark, even if an immediate replacement isn't necessary.

  • Uneven temperature distribution
    Noticeable temperature differences from room to room suggest that your furnace struggles with heat circulation. If there are no issues with the ducts, consider replacing your furnace.

  • Unusual noises and soot production
    Some noise from your furnace is normal, but if you begin hearing unfamiliar or loud sounds, this could be a sign of a severe issue. Additionally, soot around air registers indicates excessive carbon dioxide production, signalling a decrease in efficiency and a safety concern.

  • High energy bills
    Increasing energy bills often indicate a drop in furnace efficiency, as it must work harder to achieve the same heating level. If your bills are consistently rising without a change in usage, it might be time for a new furnace.

  • Frequent and costly repairs
    While occasional repairs are normal, if you regularly call a technician for costly repairs, investing in a new furnace becomes financially sensible.

If you notice any of these signs, contact our professionals immediately. Our team of experts is here to help you keep your furnace in top shape! We will answer any inquiries you may have about furnaces in Kamloops.

Did You Know?

Proper use of a programmable thermostat can save you up to 10% on energy costs each year. Halliday Refrigeration Ltd. would be glad to help set up your thermostat!

APPOINTMENTS - We offer free in-home estimates!
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