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Service, Installations and Repairs for Hot Water Heaters in Kamloops

Hot water heaters offer unparalleled convenience for homes and businesses. As a one-stop service provider for hot water heaters in Kamloops, Halliday Refrigeration Ltd. services all makes and models of hot water heaters. Today’s hot water heaters come in many varieties, including gas, electric, high-efficiency, storage tank and tankless (on-demand). Some models are even a combination of several of these, utilizing a heat pump hybrid. Most hot water heaters feature a storage tank that can store gallons of heated water at a time for your convenience. Models with a tank are generally thought to be more economical, with their efficiency varying between models and fuel sources. While tankless models usually require a larger upfront investment, they do help you reduce energy consumption and costs in the long run because they provide continuous hot water. Both standard tank and tankless options can come with ENERGY STAR™ certifications for your peace of mind.

What to Consider when Selecting a Hot Water Heater

Whether building a new home or just replacing your existing hot water tanks, there are several things to consider. When selecting a hot water heater in Kamloops, you need to know your fuel source and your budget. Does your hot water heater require electricity, natural gas or propane gas to run? Next, you must decide which type of model (a tank vs. a tankless option) will better suit your needs. How quickly will you be using up your supply of hot water? The experts at Halliday Refrigeration Ltd. would be happy to help you calculate your hot water heater’s capacity so you make the right selection. Don’t assume that your new hot water heater should simply fit where your old unit used to be. You’ll need to select the right size of hot water heater that serves your entire household or business properly or your hot water heater will be forced to work harder than it has to in order to run multiple appliances at once. And when this happens, your hot water heater is not likely to last as long as it should with the proper maintenance and care.

Your Quick Guide to Hot Water Heater Maintenance 

Whether it’s a gas or electric hot water heater, annual maintenance is essential. Proper maintenance helps to ensure the unit is running safely and efficiently. At least once every few months, you should check your hot water heater for any signs of leaks or corrosion. Once a year, your hot water heater should also be flushed to remove any sediment buildup. Homeowners also need to check/inspect the anode rod to make sure the metal coating has not corroded to the extent that it requires a replacement. When completing your inspection, make sure to follow all manufacturers’ instructions for proper maintenance.

Please Note: Always follow manufacturer guidelines when inspecting a hot water heater. The water temperature in a water heater can approach 90 degrees Celsius and can cause first-degree burns if you’re not careful.

Schedule Hot Water Heater Service in Kamloops 

As a well-trusted family-owned business in operation since 1968, we would be more than happy to schedule an installation, routine or emergency maintenance or repairs for your hot water heater in your home or business. Give us a call today to schedule a free in-home estimate for our services!.


FortisBC™ is now offering rebates on high-efficiency hot water heater replacement.

APPOINTMENTS - We offer free in-home estimates!
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