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Trusted Plumbing Contractors in Kamloops

Plumbing forms a crucial part of every home. No matter how beautiful your home might be, a clogged drain or a leaky pipe can ruin its aesthetic and that never feels good. At Halliday Refrigeration Ltd., we provide quality plumbing services by trained professional plumbers in Kamloops. Whether it’s a leaky pipe, broken down plumbing fixture or busted hot water heater, we can help! Halliday Refrigeration Ltd. is available to tackle all of your plumbing issues with 24/7 emergency plumbing repairs to Kamloops and the surrounding areas.


Over the years, with our customer-centric approach and our commitment to serving you, we have become the go-to plumbing solutions provider in Kamloops. Our many satisfied customers would testify to our quality of services and our professional yet friendly behaviour. If you face any issues with your plumbing, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to provide durable and dependable solutions to all your plumbing needs.


Plumbing Services for Kamloops

Our Kamloops plumbers offer a comprehensive set of services, including:

  • Leaky Pipe Repairs
  • Boiler Installations
  • Hot Water Tank Installations
  • Drain De-Clogging
  • ...and much more!

For plumbing service, call the plumbers that have served the local community for nearly 50 years — call Halliday Refrigeration Ltd. today!

Signs Indicating Problems with Your Pipes

If you can identify problems with your pipes, such as blockages, in a timely manner, you can save yourself a significant amount of trouble and money by seizing the opportunity of undertaking timely repairs. In order to be able to identify piping problems, look out for the following signs:

  • Difficulty in flushing the toilet
  • Unexplained foul smell emerging from drain pipes
  • Slow water drainage
  • High level of water in the toilet
  • Slow emptying of sink or bathtub

At Halliday Refrigeration Ltd., we are trusted plumbing contractors in Kamloops who have the knowledge, experience and expertise to handle all the plumbing issues that may be troubling you. If you spot any of the above signs, contact us immediately!

Did You Know?

In 1596, Sir John Harrington invented the first flushing toilet. This is how we get the centuries-old expression, “going to the John” — unfortunately, “hurrying to the Harrington” just never caught on. Sir Harrington nearly lost his head when comparing the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth to his noted invention. But, through his wit and charm, he spent many more years “on the head” instead of losing his own.

Got a Clogged Drain?
Get reliable plumbing services for your property with our plumbing contractors in Kamloops.

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